Residential Roof Systems

Residential Roof Systems

The roofing system is broadly classified in the following

  • The Low-Slope Roofing System
  • The Steep Roofing System
  • Louvre Roof System.

The Low-Slope Roofing System

Built-up Roofing Membrane

Also known as the BUR, this system is commonly used in low slope roof. The method involves alternating three layers, which are; the layer of reinforced fabric, the segment of the bitumen, and a layer of the aggregate at the top.

The built-up roof system is slightly sloping and has a continuous sealed surface. This enables it to shade water effectively. The built-up roof comprises of three parts, the bitumen, fabrics sheet, and surfacing materials consisting of small stones and gravels. Importantly, the system works better in warmer are than cold areas due to its insulation properties. Additionally, the roof system lasts for long approximately 30 to 40 years.


  • It has excellent waterproof.
  • The roof is fire resistance.
  • Low maintenance costs over its life.


  • The roofing is wind and water susceptible.
  • A slow installation releases of poisonous fumes from bitumen.

Metal Roofing System

The metal roofing system is made from metals such as copper, galvanized aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. Aluminum is one of the dominant metal uses in the house roofing. Aluminum is commonly used because it lights and has and has the ability to withstand harsh weather. Zinc metal is also used to make a roof by the name zinc roofing. Zinc is known for its durability.


  • A metal roof can last for a long time up to 150 years.
  • Aluminum and zinc metals are environmentally friendly, for they do not release toxic substances.


  • Metal roofing is generally expensive.
  • The metals expand and contract with a variation of the temperature.

Modified Bitumen Roofing System

This is one of the low- slope roofing systems which offer an excellent waterproof characteristic. It is also known for its durability and also its high insulation properties.

The Steep Roofing System

The components of the steep slope roofing system include; roof deck, underlayment, this helps to provide extra internal weatherproofing protection, and finally, has the roof covering- this is mostly external weatherproofing materials.

Examples of the of steep slope roofing system include;

Asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shakes, and shingles and clay and concrete tiles.

Louvre Roof System

The type of roofing system is not commonly known, and it is new with less than 50 years since its inception. The method relates to the low and steep-slope system, and the only difference is that it possesses the louver or louver, which is adjustable. The adjustable louver plays an essential role in enhancing proper ventilation. Additionally, the louver enables people to control the surrounding environment, such as temperature and light.

Residential Roof Design

Roof design helps one to decide the shape of the house. Examples of residential roof designs include.

  • The Hip Roof Design
  • Gable Roof Design
  • Mansard Roof Design
  • Gambrel Roof Design

The Hip And Valley Roof

The design has four faces forming a pyramid or trapezium like structure, and the four sides slope down to the walls. On the plan, the hip and valley design has four faces. The design of a hip and valley forms a trapezoidal kind of structure on the roof.


  • The roof is stable and durable.
  • The roof work best in snow and windy prone areas. Due to its slanting face, snow can easily slide off.


  • It is expansive to build.

Gable Roof

The design is also known as the peaked roof. It is the most popular roof design, which is recognized by its triangular shape. The gable roof is of different types, front gable, Dutch Gable roof, crossed gable, and side gable.


  • It efficiently shed water, and snow, furthermore it enhances proper ventilation.
  • It is cheaper to build.


  • It is not suitable in high wind areas. High wind can brow of the roof.

Mansard Roof

The mansard roof design takes various shapes, for instance, concave, convex shape, or straight edge shape.


  • The mansard roofs provide enough space, especially the living space and storage space.


  • It is unstable in wind areas or in areas that receive a lot of snow.

Gambrel Roof

It looks mansard though it has only two faces or sides. The roof has a very steep slope of the lower sides.


  • Gambler roofing design provides extra living space.
  • Easy to construct due to its few materials are required.


  • It is not recommended in windy areas.
  • Home roof design.

Home Roof Design

Home roof design closely relates to the residential roof designs. Therefore, home roof design can be similar to Sawtooth roof, Gable roof, Mansard roof, Gambrel roof. Additionally, skillion is another example of the home roof design.

Skillion Roof

The skillion roof design is commonly used for home additions and shade, among others. It is also considered as the modern style for many homes. Advantage with the Skillion home roof design is that assembling construction material is comfortable. Additionally, the design allows for smooth snow and water runoff. However, the plan is not suitable in windy areas.

Home Roof Replacement

Repairing or replacement of the roof ifs an action that can be done by anybody. Arguably, the roof is an essential component of the house. Therefore, when the roof is worn out due to age or natural factors such as high wind, the replacement is significant. To make a home appealing, it good to go for a skilled person to o repair for you at a cost. For instance, the Asphalt roof requires accurate when nailing, which may be hard to do alone. The following step elaborate step to consider when replacing the roof. Plan well; this is achieved by assembling all necessary tools and equipment. The shedding of the old roofing follows this. Then the new underlayment is installed.

Home Roof Garden

The roof garden involves the establishment of the vegetation on the top of the roof for decoration, recreation purpose, food and habitat for wild animals, cooling effect by controlling surround temperature. However, it is recommended to use light potting material instead of the garden dirty. Additionally, the maintenance of the roof garden is essential. For instance, all nearby weed should be eliminated.